Package Management

We make sure your residents receive packages without a hiccup.


Package lockers are used as the main drop off and pick up point to handle the bulk of packages.


Package rooms serve as overflow storage to temporarily store excess packages for our Logistics Team to clean up.


Our Logistics Service delivers overflow packages directly to residents’ rooms and manage our retail inventory.

The New Amenity: Item Rentals

Not only rentals, but experiences.

BallBox curates experiences for residents based around the items available to rent. If we place a tent, we also provide 3 nearby places to go camping and utilize that equipment. We’ll provide all of the tips and tricks on how to get there and enjoy yourself. This is only one of the many types of products available. Anything from allowing you to enjoy a Friday night in with friends, to exploring out in the wilderness.

What can I rent?

Tech & Work

The latest and greatest gadgets available on the market. All types of products that’ll make your work from home experience greater.

Recreation & Leisure

Items ranging from allowing you to relax on the weekend, to elevating your best workout.

Transportation & Mobility

A great alternative way for residents to get around. An eco friendly and on-demand solution to transportation.

Consumer Packaged Goods

Brand partners offer anything ranging from lotions to candles. The locally sourced products are available as samples or for purchase.


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Our Partners

Organizations We Work With

BallBox enables onsite, on demand access to a wide variety of sport, tech and leisure products so people no longer have to waste money on purchasing these items, and bringing them from home to their place of leisure.