Our Mission

Our mission here at BallBox is to revolutionize the way that people get access to products they want while improving the way that retailers find the customers that want their products.

We've developed the most unique package management system leveraging lockers, rooms and logistics to eliminate the package headache that many apartments have while turning that cost center into the most unique amenity through product rentals and on demand purchases.

Meet the Team

Meet the faces behind our company. Our team & consultants support the most up-to-date, sustainable solutions to the technology. They work so hard to provide the best to Ballbox customers.


Alex Hejazi

Founder & CEO

Mostafa Makmouk

Co-Founder & COO

Sena Adjei

Media Director

Assil Arajy

Growth Director

Steve Valerie


Paul Jaques


Organizations We Work With

BallBox enables onsite, on demand access to a wide variety of sport, tech and leisure products so people no longer have to waste money on purchasing these items, and bringing them from home to their place of leisure.

Why Work With BallBox?


Ballbox has created the first ever smart locker system that can both manage your packages and provide the most in-demand products for your tenants and guests 24/7, 365 days a year.


Ballbox’s modularly built kiosks can meet the needs of any property, varying in size, shape, and number of units. Providing the best locker solution for any situation.


Ballbox can not only safely store user’s personal belongings but provides a clean, safe and cutting-edge method to send and receive packages.