Package Management

We make sure your residents receive packages without a hiccup.


Package lockers are used as the main drop off and pick up point to handle the bulk of packages.


Package rooms serve as overflow storage to temporarily store excess packages for our Logistics Team to clean up.


Our Logistics Service delivers overflow packages directly to residents’ rooms and manage our retail inventory.

The New Amenity: Item Rentals

Not only rentals, but experiences.

BallBox curates experiences for residents based around the items available to rent. If we place a tent, we also provide 3 nearby places to go camping and utilize that equipment. We’ll provide all of the tips and tricks on how to get there and enjoy yourself. BallBox gives you the products you need to enjoy a night in, or a night exploring the wilderness.

A higher level of service.

White Glove Service

A BallBox rep will remain at your community for up to 7 days after it goes live to ensure a smooth transition for staff, couriers, and residents. Our rep will familiarize all parties and ensure proper courier adoption for the future.

24/7 Customer Support

Reach out via call, email, or text to and receive help instantly. A help button on the kiosk home screen will directly connect a staff, courier, or resident to a BallBox customer support rep via video chat for immediate assistance.

Property Manager Dashboard

Property managers can access an on-demand metrics dashboard for customized data control and visibility. Track when package delivery is at high volume, what demographics prefer certain items, and how available locker space is at any given time.

What residents are saying

“Being able to pick up my packages at any time has never been easier.”

— Ben

“I love being able to use products for just the weekend and not have to worry about it after!”

— Amanda

Ready to improve tenant lives?