What is BallBox?

BallBox is a locker kiosk system for package management and rental of sports, tech and leisure equipment at apartments, hotels, parks and beaches

Rental Locker

BallBox is revolutionizing access to consumer products making everything more affordable and convenient to use through our kiosk rental network!


BallBox is the pioneer of the first recreational rental kiosks and the first company to combine rental lockers with parcel lockers, providing the most innovative kiosks on the market.


BallBox kiosks can be customized to meet your needs, we cover the spectrum of indoor, outdoor, refrigerated, clear display lockers and anything you could think of!

Parcel Locker

BallBox also has the most cost efficient intelligent parcel lockers on the market. We combine our rental locker capabilities with our locker solutions as well to turn an expense into an amenity

Enhance your property

BallBox works with properties to increase satisfaction and retention, while reducing overhead and adding a revenue generating amenity to the property.


Joining the BallBox network allows you to connect with others in your community that have similar interests, sign up for excursions and access services like maid cleaning, dog walking and more.


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Organizations We Work With

BallBox enables onsite, on demand access to a wide variety of sport, tech and leisure products so people no longer have to waste money on purchasing these items, and bringing them from home to their place of leisure.